Research design Notes

Question –  Discuss the qualities of research design.

Answer – A good research design is characteristic of viability, flexibility, generality, theory base, cost and time.

Qualities of research design – 

  1. Principle Basis: Good research strategies reflect the principles that are being investigated. Where specific theoretical expectations can be envisaged, they are included in the design. For example, where the theory predicts a specific treatment effect on a measure, but not on the other, the involvement of both in the design improves discriminatory validity and demonstrates the predictive power of the theory.
  2. Situational: Good research design reflects the investigation settings. It was illustrated above where a special requirement of teachers and administrators in the design strategy was clearly addressed. Similarly, inter-group rivalry, downgradation, and competition can be evaluated through the use of additional comparison groups which are not in direct contact with the original group.
  3. Possible: Good design can be applied. The order and time of events are thought carefully. Probable problems in the measurement, following assignment, database creation and so on, are anticipated. Additional groups or measurements have been included in the design to clearly correct where such problems are needed.
  4. Futile: There is some flexibility in good research designs. Often, this flexibility results in duplication of essential design features. For example, many replication of a treatment helps ensure that failure to apply treatment to a setting will not invalidate the whole study.
  5. Efficient: Better design balances between redundancy and excessive tendency. Where it is reasonable, strategies to dismiss potential threats for other, less expensive, validity are used. This is not a comprehensive list of criteria by which we can judge good research designs. Nevertheless, such goals help the researcher to guide the final design option and insist on the critical components that should be included.

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