What is success for you?

We all want to get successful in our life. But many times, I contemplate what is success for me? And I think many people came across this question in their life. For some people, success is getting good marks in academics, or getting the job they want, or getting enough money to meet their luxury. But some time, we are not satisfied with what we achieved and that makes us feel like we are unsuccessful. In this article, I am going make a little effort to make u understand what is meaning of success.


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Understanding the meaning of success

At some point of our life we all feel like, what we are doing with our life? If we have what we really want in life? Before understanding the meaning of success, I think we should know, what is failure? Since, it really helps us to define the success.

Have you ever muddled that when we assume that we are failed? let me guess… Yup, I got it.  Actually, it happens when things are not going as we want or as we predict.  To put in simple word, let go through a story.

“A person named Hari, who is unemployed. He has a dream of buying his own taxi to earn money. He manages loan from his friend and buy a Taxi. And soon after, he started earning good money and he pays the loan of his friend. One day his taxi got stolen.”

And that’s the end of our story. Now, you may be thinking that it is not a happy ending story or you can say it not a story. My point is that what you say about Hari if he is successful or unsuccessful. For me, he is successful as he owned a taxi and earned good money. But for Hari, he is failed because he is not able to continue his earing and suffers from money problem again. Let think deeply. What you consider, Hari is looser or winner?

For me, success is having watermelon on weekend with family and watching animated movie. Mostly, we think that getting good income on professional front is success. Success is noting than achieving what we dreamed of or makes you happy. On the other hand, failure is only when things are not going as we want them or we lost interest in things we dreamed of. To get rid of failure, you must always dream of things that you can achieve within short time either by hard work or easily. When you achieve your goal in short period time, it motivates you to achieve big goals.

But if you dream of big things that takes lot of time or any unrealistic dream like being superstar or something, then you lost your interest and that is the real failure. I am not saying that you can dream big but you have to make sure that you don’t give up till you achieve your destiny. If you dream big than you have to give your best to fulfil your dream.

If you know what is success for you it can be anything you like money, dream job, buying a car, getting good marks etc. You have to clear about your goal and make your best to achieve it.

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