What role do irony and humour play in the novel A House for Mr Biswas.

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What role do irony and humour play in the novel A House for Mr Biswas.

Naipaul himself said that “A House for Mr. Biswas” contains some of his most entertaining touch. Truly, we discover a lot of comic however in this novel notwithstanding an under current of tenderness and incongruity. Here the author has attempted all the tree principle wellsprings of satire, drama of character, comic drama of circumstance and parody of mind.

Drama in the Portrayal of Characters:-

Likewise all there character, including Mr. Biswas, are pretty much comic. Tara puts on substantial trimmings. Here are leaded with silver banglies. Here arm with the hungles are sufficiently solid to overcome any assaults. Ghany, the specialist is constantly found amidst dusty books Lal, the educator carries on in an exceptionally interesting way with his understudies. Alec the kid, interests us by his tricks Pundit Jairam makes us snicker through the logical inconsistencies in his character. The writer depicts the specialists’ agent as tout, law breaker, Nazi and even as a communists. Tulsi is likewise a comic character. She blacks out frequently. As of now, her little girls take her to the Rose Room and serve under the general supervision of Padma and Sushila. Tulsi’s children in law are additionally funny figure. Govind assaults his sustenance like an indulgent person. Hari is a comic figure who takes a break in the can and keeps other holding up excitedly outside. The miserable expectations about Biswas’ future are exceptionally entertaining.

Satire of Situations:-

Numerous circumstances are likewise plague with fun. Ragha suffocates in the town bond while endeavoring to protect his child who is really sheltered and sound stowing away under his dad’s bed at home. Biswas takes his child, Anand to film, yet he has insufficient cash to buy tow full tickets,.

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