Explain the features of a Workstation and a tablet PC? What is the purpose of mother board on a computer?


QUESTION – Explain the features of a Workstation and a tablet PC? What is the purpose of mother board on a computer?

ANSWER- A workstation is a high-performance computer which is used for scientific and technical tasks such as computer graphics, scientific simulation, computer-aided-design (CAD), image processing, engineering calculations etc. It is generally used in such applications which require a moderate amount of computing power. Hence, the configuration of workstation used to be high. UNIX and Windows NT are the most common Operating System for workstations. Workstations are generally single user system however they can be connected together to form a LAN. In the context of networking, workstations are sometime referred to as any computer/terminal attached to a LAN. In networked workstation, system administrator tracks and controls the activities of the user. The term workstation is also used for high capacity mainframe computer terminal or a PC connected to a network and working in client server mode. Workstations have superior processing and storage capabilities than a normal PC, especially with respect to providing multitasking capability.

Tablet PC

A tablet PC is similar to a personal computer. It is a portable device which has a touch screen for inputting of the data. A tablet computer can connect to the internet and local computer network through wireless. In general terms, tablet PC refers to a slate shaped mobile computer device, equipped with global positioning system (GPS) System, and a touch screen to operate the computer. It is generally equipped with office suits such as word; excel etc, web browsers, computer games and other similar applications that generally can be run on a PC. Tablet PC can also use handwriting recognition and virtual keyboards for input of data. In, tablet PCs Microsoft windows; Linux and Apple operating system are used. There are many brands of Tablet PC available in Indian market and abroad including Acer, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Toshiba etc.

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