Discuss the writing process of the review of literature.

ANSWER – Since the review of literature can be a very long chapter, it requires some form. The simplest way to organize research work is to discuss them in chronological order. But it can not prove to be fair in all situations. Another way is that anyone can group tasks on different subjects with the date of publication as the sole criterion of order. But it can also be misleading. Still another way may be the basis of structure on different types of publications. For example, chapters of books, journal articles, and single author books should be grouped and structured separately. The basic purpose of reviewing literature is to use it to inform, establish and debate literature. In fact, the review of literature should go beyond the above report.

Find a Focus –A literature itself does not review the sources. This means that the researcher will not only list the sources but will also choose them in the research area. These can be adjusted in terms of themes, or issues, and those sources can be brought together, and can be presented to them. Some of the questions that the researcher should ask himself are:

Do they offer one or different solutions?
Is there any aspect of the field that is missing?
How well do they present the content?
Do they portray it according to a suitable theory?
Do they reveal a trend in the field?
A furious debate?

One of the above topics should be raised to focus on the review organization.

Building a work thesis statement- The thesis statement should be debated for a particular view on the content. Some sample thesis statements for literature review are as follows: In the treatment of congestive heart failure, the present trend combines surgery and medicine. More and more cultural studies scholars are accepting popular media as the subject of academic consideration.
Consider organization – After giving a statement, what is the most effective way to submit information? What are the most important topics, sub-topics etc., in which the review needs to be included? And in what order should they be presented? The researcher should develop an organization to review at both global and local levels:

  1. Cover Basic Categories – Like most academic papers, literature review should also contain at least three basic elements: an introduction or background information section; Body of discussion with the sources of review; And, finally, a conclusion to conclude paper and / or recommendations section
  2. Organize the body of the report –Once the basic categories are applied, the researcher should consider how the sources should be presented within the report’s body. To prepare a comprehensive organizational framework for review, three specific methods of organizing should be considered.
      1. Chronological method
      2. From law publication
      3. Trend by law
  3. Theatrical Review of Literature – The thematic review of the literature is organized around a topic or issue rather than the progress of time 2 to progress. However, progress of time can be an important factor in a thematicReview. For example, suicidereview can focus on the development of self-esteem or frustration in love affair for suicide. These studies can be conducted chronologically. The only difference between the “chronological” and “thematic” approach is the most emphasis: the cause of injury to someone’s self-esteem Top Suicide
  4. A methodical approach – This approach is different from both of the above, with a focusing factor. Here the focus is on the method used by the researcher. For suicidal issues, a methodological approach will be to see the cultural difference between the method of suicide. Or review can focus on the economic impact of suicide. A systematic scope will either influence the type of documents in the reviewor the method of discussing these documents.

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