The tale of “My Elder Brother” unfolds a narrative of two siblings, Vadolya and Nicky, whose relationship is a tapestry woven with threads of love, jealousy, and transformation. Growing up in a joyful environment, they shared a camaraderie akin to friendship, studying and playing together despite the age gap.

As time passed, a change began to brew within Nicky. He started harboring a complex, comparing himself unfavorably to Vadolya in terms of age, interests, abilities, and academics. Nicky felt a growing distance, perceiving Vadolya as proud and uncomprehending of his internal struggles. Jealousy surfaced, fueled by Vadolya’s diverse hobbies and generous nature. Though Nicky sensed a potential misjudgment of his brother’s love, his own vanity intensified his feelings of inferiority.

The breaking point arrived when Nicky, in a fit of resentment, shattered a cherished bottle of scent belonging to Vadolya. Despite the significance of the incident, Nicky masked his remorse with a nonchalant smile, escalating tensions to the point of a heated altercation. The brothers declared a permanent rift after the confrontation.

In the aftermath, Vadolya, displaying maturity and responsibility, regained composure and returned to normalcy. In contrast, Nicky remained disturbed and uneasy. Recognizing the need for resolution, Vadolya, as the elder and more responsible sibling, took the initiative to seek forgiveness. In this moment, Nicky realized the depth of his brother’s understanding and was genuinely touched. The reconciliation unfolded as both brothers shook hands and embraced, mending the fractures in their relationship.

(b) The story, My Elder Brother is a human saga of two brothers who are a contrast in personalities and opinions.
(i) Discuss the qualities of Valodya highlighted by the author.
(ii) Comment on the relationship that the two siblings shared in their childhood.
(iii) Describe the incident that brought about a change in the relationship.

(b) “My Elder Brother” unfolds as a poignant human saga, portraying the contrasting personalities and opinions of two brothers.

(i) Qualities of Vadolya Highlighted by the Author: Vadolya is depicted as a multifaceted character with several notable qualities. Firstly, his large-heartedness shines through, evident in his diverse hobbies and the ability to embrace different interests. This quality becomes a source of jealousy for Nicky, highlighting Vadolya’s broad-minded nature. Additionally, Vadolya is portrayed as responsible and composed, especially in the aftermath of the conflict. His maturity and willingness to take the initiative in seeking forgiveness underscore his sense of responsibility and empathy.

(ii) The Sibling Relationship in Childhood: During their childhood, Vadolya and Nicky shared a harmonious relationship, akin to that of friends. Despite the age difference, they studied and played together, fostering a bond built on mutual understanding and joy. This camaraderie painted a picture of a happy environment in which the brothers thrived, emphasizing the positive aspects of their sibling connection.

(iii) Incident Leading to Relationship Change: The turning point in their relationship arises when Nicky develops a deep-seated sense of inferiority and jealousy towards Vadolya. This complex stems from Nicky’s perception that Vadolya is superior in various aspects, including age, interests, abilities, and academic achievements. The breaking point occurs when Nicky, fueled by resentment, intentionally breaks a cherished bottle of scent that Vadolya treasures. Despite the significance of the incident, Nicky feigns indifference, escalating tensions and leading to a serious quarrel between the brothers. This incident becomes the catalyst for a significant change in their relationship dynamics, as it exposes underlying issues of envy and strained emotions that had been simmering beneath the surface. The subsequent reconciliation highlights the resilience of familial bonds and the potential for growth and understanding within sibling relationships.

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