‘HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES’ By Salman Rushdie : summary in hindi

1. Haroun was curious to know where the fantastic stories of his father came from … When Rashid, his father, told him that the stories came from Great Story Sea, Haroun wanted to know where his father kept the hot water of the Gran Story Sea On another occasion Haroun wanted his father to tell him why he did not have sisters or brothers, but Rashid did not give him a direct answer and told him that since Haroun was as good as four or five children, they could not have more.

The third question that Haroun asks his father is when his mother Soraya runs away with Mr. Sengupta, her neighbor. Haroun is upset and asks his father angrily: “What good are the stories that are not even true?”

2. Rashid Khalifa is a storyteller and is used to creating imaginary worlds. So it is not surprising that he does not give direct answers to any of Haroun’s questions. Rashid is the Shah of Blah.

3. Haroun feels bad after asking his father what is the use of telling stories that are not true. He realizes that it is precisely what Soraya has written in the note he left to Rashid. Soraya has run away with Mr. Sengupta because she wanted to be with a man who was practical, not like Rashid, whose head was full of fantasy. As soon as he asks this question, Haroun regrets having hurt his father. After this, Rashid loses his powers and can not tell fantastic stories.

4. Soraya is tired of her husband, who lives in an imaginary world. Maybe she feels that her husband is not practical enough or neglects her, but there is a sign that she feels unhappy. During the first years of her marriage, she sings sweetly all the time, but one day she stops singing all of a sudden.

5. Politicians pretend they are telling the truth, but the public can understand that they are lying. Rashid’s stories interested people because he insisted that they were his creation and trusted him.

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