IGNOU ma political science study material

INSTRUCTIONS TO VIEW/DOWNLAD IGNOU ma political science study material

1. For Registration IGNOU ma political science study material

Please register to View/Download IGNOU Study Material at
a) Select registration type and press <GO Key>
b) Fill Your Form.
c) After that go to at

2. After Registration and login, Follow These Instructions to VIEW/DOWNLOAD

The following steps are used to view/download IGNOU ma political science study material.
At search repository window (Top Left Corner)

a) Type Course Code or Course name or relevant Keyword and press <enter Key>
b) Click on Course code/Course name to View/Download (under Community hits)
c) Click on respective blocks
d) Click on respective links (under List of Items)
e) Click on ‘View/Open’ button to View/Download the Study Material

Term-end Examinations

As stated earlier, the term-end examination is the major component of the evaluation system and it carries seventy percent weightage in the final result. You must fill and send your send your term-end examination from before the last dates i.e. 31st March for June and 30th September for the December exam. In the overall computation also, you must get at least 40% marks in each course to claim the Degree in Masters in Political Science.

In case you fail to secure a pass score (forty percent marks) in the term-end examination, you will be eligible to reappear at the next Term-end Examination for that course as and when it is held, within the total span of the programme.

Eligibility for Examination

To be eligible to appear at the Term-end Examination in any course, you are required to fulfil the following four condition:

1) You should have paid the course feed.

2) You should have opted and pursued the prescribed course.

3) You should have submitted the assignments for the respective course.

4) You should submit the examination form in time.

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