Statutory and Non-Statutory Measures of Settlement of Industrial Disputes

Associations give welfare offices to their workers to keep their inspiration levels high. The representative welfare plans can be arranged into two classifications viz. statutory and non-statutory welfare plans. The statutory plans are those plans that are obligatory to give by an association as consistence to the laws administering worker wellbeing and security. These incorporate arrangements gave in industrial acts like Factories Act 1948, Dock Workers Act (wellbeing, wellbeing and welfare) 1986, Mines Act 1962. The non statutory plans contrast from association to association and from industry to industry.


The statutory welfare plans incorporate the accompanying arrangements:

Drinking Water: At all the working spots safe sterile drinking water ought to be given.

Offices for sitting: In each association, particularly manufacturing plants, reasonable seating courses of action are to be given.

Emergency treatment apparatuses: First guide machines are to be given and ought to be promptly assessable so that if there should be an occurrence of any minor mischance beginning medicine can be given to the required representative.

Restrooms and Urinals: An adequate number of toilets and urinals are to be given in the workplace and plant premises and are additionally to be kept up in a flawless and clean condition.

Container offices: Cafeteria or flasks are to be given by the business to give clean and nutritious nourishment to the representatives.

Spittoons: In each work put, for example, product houses, store places, in the dock range and office premises spittoons are to be given in advantageous spots and same are to be kept up in a sterile condition.


Appropriate and adequate lights are to be accommodated representatives with the goal that they can work securely amid the night shifts.

Washing places: Adequate washing spots, for example, restrooms, wash bowls with tap and tap on the stand pipe are given in the port range in the region of the work places.

Evolving rooms: Adequate changing rooms are to be given to laborers to change their material in the processing plant zone and office premises. Sufficient lockers are additionally given to the laborers to keep their garments and effects.

Rest rooms: Adequate quantities of restrooms are given to the laborers arrangements of water supply, wash bowls, toilets, lavatories, and so forth.


Numerous non statutory welfare plans may incorporate the accompanying plans:

Individual Health Care (Regular therapeutic registration): Some of the organizations give the office to broad wellbeing registration

Flexi-time: The principle goal of the strategic scheduling arrangement is to give chance to representatives to work with adaptable working timetables. Adaptable work routines are started by representatives and affirmed by administration to meet business duties while supporting worker individual life needs

Representative Assistance Programs: Various right hand programs are masterminded like outer directing administration with the goal that workers or individuals from their close family can get guiding on different issues.

Badgering Policy: To shield a representative from disturbances of any sort, rules are accommodated appropriate activity and furthermore to protect the oppressed worker.

Maternity and Adoption Leave –

Workers can profit maternity or appropriation clears out. Paternity leave approaches have likewise been presented by different organizations.

Medi-assert Insurance Scheme: This protection conspire gives sufficient protection scope of representatives for costs identified with hospitalization because of sickness, malady or damage or pregnancy.

Representative Referral Scheme: In a few organizations worker referral plot is executed to urge representatives to allude companions and relatives for work in the association.
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