Would it be correct to label Toru Dutt as the earliest Indian English Woman Writer? Comment

Toru Dutt was the youngest of the three children born to Govin Chunder Dutt and Kshetramoni on March 4, 1856. As mentioned earlier they were converts to Christianity and the family were baptised in the Chnst Church, Cornwallis Square, Calcutta, in 1862. The oldest among the three children was Abju (the son) followed by a daughter Aru and then the youngest was Toru. Private tutors taught the three children at home and the little Dutt girls even had an English Governess who taught Aru and Toru how to sing and to play the pianoforte. This small and happy family life was to be disrupted rather suddenly by the death of Abju (1851- 1865) at the tender age of fourteen years. Though broken -hearted and deeply grieved by the death of his first-born, Govin Chunder Dutt never lost faith in God. It was this same faith that was to sustain his wife and daughter Toru, when tragedy struck the Dutt household once again in later years. After the death of Abju the Dutts’ spent four more years in Calcutta shuttling between their two houses in Ram Bagan and Baugmaree.

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