Q. 7. Identify the challenges to the unity of women’s movement in India.

Q. 7. Identify the challenges to the unity of womens movement in India.

Ans. Major Issues Confronting Women’s Unity Communalism and Casteism: All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) in 1930 took the issue of communalism. Protest was made against the reservation of seats for women in the legislature. Organisation raised the demands of uniform civil code which implies their should be same laws for all women of India and women should not be laid down or tortured by religious dictums and caste obligations. During the period of 1940’s there was the communial tension between Muslim League and Congress, most of the women left the organisation due to the partition of India and Pakistan. The women who went to Pakistan formed All Pakistan Women’s Conference.

Communalism and casteism together convert the country in horrible situation. Violent action was taken throughout the country. Oppress women who were treated badly in the name of religious and lower castes–the these women emerged in masses in protest and self- defence. Concentration of wealth in the hands of few also inspires the women to protest movement in India.

Daily Encounters with Oppression

1. First challenges to the unity of womens movement in India Against Alcohol:

Women raised their voice against alcohol. The reason behind it men spend lots of money in buying Alcohol thus his income were waisted. He beats wife and children and family violence took place. In 1972 Bhil women were first to raise the voice against alcohol, pots were broken. After that many women became the follower of anti-alcohol drinks. In Andhra Pradesh at Nellore Anti-Arrack movement was launched.

2. Second challenges to the unity of womens movement in India Against Dowry:

In 1975, at Hyderabad first time the organisation of women was made in order to go against dowry system. Their demonstration and anger spread to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Bengal etc. For solving this matter Mahila Dakshata Samiti was set up in Delhi. The Samiti was concerned women’s oppression and subjugation.

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