Define self-esteem. Discuss the causal factors for the lack of self-esteem.

Answer – Introduction – Self-esteem is the experience of being able to face the basic challenges of life and be able to be happy. Self-esteem is an important factor for anyone to succeed in life. It is said that if a person creates self-esteem in his teens, then it happens only during his life.

Self-esteem is all about how much people value them, pride they feel in themselves, and how much they feel worthwhile. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect how you work. A person who has high self-esteem will be easily friend, more in control of his behavior, and enjoy more life.

Causal factors for the lack of self-esteem –

  1. Feelings of self-esteem less than the unhappy past experiences : When an important person in our life – a parent, teacher, owner or other person of authority feels insufficient to us, then we can develop a less self-esteem or react very strongly, who will Can disturb others. Apart from this, constant condemnation by a person of authority gives us confidence that we can not do anything right. Then, regardless of the situation, we accept the belief of another person that we are inadequate.
  2. Sometimes the problem of low self esteem is forced by a particular group: For example, women in our society or Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or something. In particular, social minorities develop feelings of insufficiency or insecurity that adversely affect their self esteem. Such groups begin to face negative connotations about their entire gender or caste. These things dominate in such groups, because the major social groups have cruel and unfair partisanship.
  3. Disallow the internalization of the failures: All human beings end the setbacks internally. Because there is no failure in our memory, we are influenced by our current and future actions that we need. The fact is that any defeat is temporary until we allow it to last. We must be concerned about what has already happened in the past, live without any hindrance, nor should it be worried about what might happen in the future. However, we can understand the future cognitively without having been fully occupied and determined by it. We can only take the previous failure as a mistake that we should not repeat. The failures of the past should be regarded as experiences from which one can learn for the future.

conclusion – Self-esteem is the overall evaluation of a student- or self, which includes feelings of general happiness and satisfaction.

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