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Assignments FOR JULY 2023 AND JAN 2024 ADMISSION


ASSIGNMENT IGNOU MEG-01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 
SERVICE TYPE Solved Assignment (Soft Copy/PDF)
Programme: MEG-01/2023-24
Course Code MEG-01
SESSION July 2023- January 2024

30th OCTOBER 2024

Below are the details of the IGNOU MEG-01 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24:

  • Program: MEG-01
  • Course Code: MEG-01
  • Session: July 2023 – January 2024
  • Submission Dates:
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th April 2024
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th October 2024

Assignment Submission: Students are advised to submit the IGNOU MEG-01 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 as per the specified schedule. The assignments must be submitted in soft copy/PDF format through the designated portal or email, as instructed by the university.

Guidelines for Preparing IGNOU MEG-01 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24: While preparing the IGNOU MEG-01 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24, students must adhere to the following guidelines:


Answer (i): Ye Presences of Nature, in the sky And on the earth! Ye Visions of the hills! And Souls of lonely places! Can I think A vulgar hope was yours when ye employed Such ministry…

The excerpt provided appears to be from a longer poem, but it suggests a contemplation of nature’s presence and its significance. The speaker addresses the various elements of nature, invoking their spirits or souls, and questions whether they had base or ordinary hopes when they performed their roles. The lines convey a sense of wonderment about the motives and intentions behind the actions of these natural entities.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration and wonder for poets and philosophers alike. The “Presences of Nature” in the sky and on the earth represent the awe-inspiring phenomena that exist in the natural world. The “Visions of the hills” evoke the grandeur of landscapes, and the “Souls of lonely places” suggest the spiritual essence inherent in remote and untouched environments.

The speaker’s musing on whether a “vulgar hope” motivated these natural entities underscores a deeper exploration of their agency and purpose. The use of “vulgar” here does not necessarily refer to something indecent, but rather to mundane or commonplace intentions. The speaker seems to be contemplating whether the beauty and majesty of nature are driven by a simplistic desire for self-preservation or reproduction, or if there is a more profound and meaningful purpose behind their existence.

The passage encourages readers to reflect on the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world. It raises questions about the intentions and consciousness of natural elements, challenging the notion of nature as a mere backdrop to human existence. The use of personification in addressing these natural entities imbues them with a sense of agency and intentionality, prompting a reconsideration of the relationship between humans and the environment.

In summary, this excerpt from the poem contemplates the motives and intentions of the various elements of nature, inviting readers to delve into a deeper understanding of their significance beyond surface-level appearances. It suggests that there might be more to nature’s actions and beauty than meets the eye, and encourages a contemplation of the profound connections between humanity and the natural world.

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