Point estimation

Answer –We suggest that the x population obtained from a sample is an unbiased and consistent estimate of the mean (µ). Therefore, if a researcher obtains an academic anxiety score from 100 students and wants to estimate these scores for the selected population (µ), the researcher uses the X¯ value (µ). If the obtained value of x¯ is 45.0, this value is used as an estimate of (µ). This form of the estimation of population parameters from sample statistics is called point estimation. Point estimation is the value of a parameter as a single point, for example, (µ) = 45.0 from the statistical value X¯ = 45.0.

Inferential Procedures –

1 Estimation
2 Point Estimation
3 Interval Estimation

Hypothesis Testing –

1 Statement of Hypothesis
2 Level of Significance
3 One-Tail Test and Two-Tail Test
4 Errors in Hypothesis Testing
5 Power of a Test

General Procedure for Testing Hypothesis –

1 Test of Hypothesis about a Population Mean
2 Testing Hypothesis about a Population Mean (Small Sample)

 ‘t’ Test for Significance of Difference between Means –

1 Assumption for ‘t’ Test
2 ‘t’ test for Independent Sample
3 ‘t’ Test for Paired Observation by Difference Method

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