Team building (टीम निर्माण) and team spirit are the two most prime objectives of managers in an organisation. It is a difficult task and requires dynamic leadership. Team is a group of two or more persons working for similar goals. Its characteristic comprises of interaction among members, interdependence, mutual accountability, social entity and achievement of common goal.

It becomes difficult to form team because people with individual differences join organisation with different personalities, value system, attitude and needs. The leader should be able to understand the needs of the persons, hierarchy, their problems, attitude and value system to run organisation efficiently.

There are two types of teams–

  • Formal and
  • Informal teams.

Formal teams or groups are the teams that are deliberately created by managers to carry out specific tasks for accomplishing organizational goals.

Command team and committee are the two major types of formal groups that have found its relevance in modern organisations Informal teams or groups are created when people come together and interact regularly to attain common goals. These types of groups can develop within the framework of formal organizational structure.

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