Kendall’s tau

Answer – Kendall’s Tau Correlation is one of the measures. This correlation process was developed by Kendall (1938). Kendall’s Tau is based on the analysis of two sets of ranks, X and Y. This is in the form of Spearman’s Rho ((rs) option. Kandal’s Tau is depicted as an all, which is a lower Greek letter Tau. The data calculated on the parameter (as measured by the sample) and as shown in the form of rs, such as Spearman’s RO, Tau range is 1.00 to + 1.00. Although some of Tau and RS properties There are similarities, the logic employed by Tau is completely different compared to the Rho. The interpretation is based on the signal and value. High value indicates a strong relationship. Positive value reflects positive affinity And negative value indicates negative relationship.

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