Deviation from the Normality –

1 Skeweness
2 Kurtosis


Kurtosis is another measure of size of a distribution. While obliquity measures the lack of symmetry of the frequency curve of a distribution, Kurtosis is the measurement of the peak relative to frequency curve. Various frequency curves can be divided into three categories based on the size of their peak.

A measure of kurtosis gives us some information about the degree of depression (or extremeness) of the frequency curve.

Kurtosis refers to the degree of extremeness of the frequency curve. However, the concentration level of the comments can be different in the mode of two distributions with the same average, dispersion and oblique. The more closely the comments of the modes are dense, the shark frequency is the peak of distribution. This feature of frequency distribution is known as Kurtosis. The only remedy for kurtosis is based on moments.


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